Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Dreamin'...


First things first...where did the time go?  I meant to tack a few words onto this blog...but here I am, first day of summer, and I notice the last time I showed up here was February.
     Fate's been acting up.  First, I got confused and believed that I wanted to move from NYC to Florida.  Not the first time I reached that irrational conclusion.  But this time I meant it.  After all, not getting any younger...well, are you? 
     Anyway, thought how nice it would be to grow old sort of next door to my daughter and granddaughter.  Instead of just visiting back and forth.  Took me 2 visits to push that idea aside. Had to be reminded that Pembroke Pines is not NYC, is mostly hot, doesn't have all the shops I need, right downstairs.  There is no downstairs. 
     So I came back, gratefully let a gorgeous apartment slip through my fingers.  On purpose.  My guys were right in pointing out the obvious. 
     And then something really weird happened that sealed the deal.  I fell and got a concussion.  In my bedroom, walking in my sleep didn't help....what they say about accidents in the home?  Yes, worst thing that's happened to me since Jackie broke our date to the junior prom. 
    My life has not been the same ever since.  After the ambulance trip to the emergency room, 2:00 o'clock in the AM...the tests just kept being offered.  No doctor that I've seen will ever be accused of not recommending another test.  Well, it's 2 months now, and I finally got off the roller coaster of appointments.  I quit it.
    No thanks, guys, from now on I'll just keep positive thoughts in my mind.  Pray.  Meditate.  Do my Reiki.  The headaches still grab me in a clinch..a very slow healing concussion.  And in the midst of all the info about sport stars having daily concussions..I'm paranoid enough, thank you...
    You know, co-pays add up.
    So welcome to summer and days of daydreams..and a swifter recovery.
    New York, New...not ready to leave you yet!

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