Thursday, January 7, 2010

Staying Awake...

WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE that we carry our spirituality with us at all times. Not just when we have a pang of need, or when difficulties arise. Because just when we're overloaded with the prosaic, that's the time to awaken what is not only near you, in you, but is the actual, real you. Your spirit, your soul.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Maintain the spiritual structure of your world. Overcome the ego, the foolishness of being self-centered. Our spirituality is unconditional. But most of the time we smother it when our emotions attack us, when our faith drops away. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Open your consciousness to the sacred. Take comfort in having a continuous experience of enlightenment. x x


  1. Insightful post. & loved the poem and the vignette about your cat and your aura!

  2. Hi Trish and Rob-
    Thanks so much for stopping's the "ever awakening", I guess..
    I find that my cat often rescues me when my mind is blank!

  3. I'm working on it. It seems to take constant attention. Peace.

  4. Hi Butternut-
    A lot of attention!! Thanks..and as we used to say, peace, love, and brown rice!

  5. Just a small hi from me,lovely blog you have here,mini blu!
    Love and peace

  6. Hi ALeks-
    Thanks so much for visiting! Always nice to see you...

  7. Hi, Lyn-
    Thanks for stopping by my site,,,,I hope to see you there often, and I will visit you too.

  8. Hi Lo!
    A pleasure reading your blog, and hearing from you...Thank you!


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