Monday, March 22, 2010

The Third Step...

THE THIRD STEP of the Eightfold Path is Right Speech, meaning to abstain from all lying, falsehoods, abusive and frivolous speech. 

I think the frivolous speech part applies to me.  In my opinion, I ought to curb my over-the-top enthusiasm.  Being an Aries, with my birthday today, the second day of Spring, makes this tough!  Still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!


  1. How this could be,I missed to congratulate you on your birth day?? He, bah, Aleksandra!!
    Better late than never so,
    dear Lyn,you are the best,strong and courageous,friend I would love to have in my real life too,belated congratulations darling,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR LYN!!!!! Hope you had good birthday.Wish you all the best and comon girl,we need to dance more often,love,light,peace and smiles for you! Bye
    Aleksandra :O)

  2. Hi Aleks-
    You are so kind and funny too..thank you so much!


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