Saturday, July 10, 2010


LOOK AT SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL TODAY and know that you have had that.  Imagine owning beauty...we all do!!

Everything is a way to learning, from depression to joy.  Embrace the idea that it's all happening perfectly.  If you don't know why, maybe the bigger picture will reveal itself...maybe not.  The answer within us needs a lot of work to be revealed.  But perhaps at times it's just a bit of Grace. 

Tell yourself that whatever happens in your life, you can handle it.  Yes, tell yourself that..even if it's over and over.


  1. Exquisitely profound and totally true. well blogged!

  2. Hi Lo-
    It is always good to hear from you..I so appreciate that..thank you!

  3. Yep, Lyn...whatever happens in my life, I can handle it--with God's help.

    thanks for the "positive" stuff here!


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