Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Strawberry...

MAYBE YOU REMEMBER the story of the woman running from tigers. At the edge of a cliff she spots some vines, grabs them and climbs down.  But looking down she sees that there are tigers down below too.  Even worse, she notices that a mouse is gnawing the vine she is grasping.

But she also spots the most beautiful bunch of wild strawberries growing close by.  She looks up, she looks down.  She glances at the mouse.  She then pulls a luscious bright red berry off the bunch, pops it into her mouth, enjoys it like no other. 

Tigers above, tigers below, life is what it is.  Every precious moment, every strawberry is worth the effort. 

copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2012


  1. Great tale, will remember to watch for the strawberries the next time the tigers are circling!

  2. Lots of fun to discover what I wrote ages ago! Thanks so much!

  3. I heard it like this.

    The boy was being chased through the forest by a bear. He runs to the edge of a precipice and slips and falls but before he falls to his certain demise, he grabs a vine to hold onto. He notices that below him is a tiger ready to eat him when he falls.

    Above the bear is growling and swatting at the boy who hangs just below the cliff, holding onto the vine. Below the tiger is clawing the air, as if to pull the boy to his powerful jaws. Just then two mice come to the vine. A white one and a black one and they begin to gnaw at the vine.

    The boy notices a succulent wild strawberry growing on the side of the cliff, just within reach. Above the bear will destroy him if he were able to pull himself to the top. Below the tiger is ready to rip him into pieces and the two mice will soon have the vine chewd through.

    He reaches for the strawberry and pops it into his mouth. Oh, such flavor!

  4. Hi Winston-
    As I said, every luscious strawberry is worth the effort...thanks!!


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